Three and Me


What is it like to have twins and a toddler? How do you do it? How many diapers do you go through? How much formula do you use? How do you breastfeed twins? How is E. adjusting to not being the baby anymore? 

 These are just a handful of the questions I am asked on a regular basis. So I am going to answer these popular questions in my very first post! 

How do you do it?

I do it just like every other mama does it. The best that I can. We have beautiful moments and we have moments where there is paint on the wall, poop in the bathtub, and pudding in our hair all within a period of five minutes. Those are the moments when we choose to see the humor in our craziness or we go literally crazy! 

I mean on the daily I ask myself how the H. E. double hockey sticks does any mom do it? Being a mom of three, one, or ten is tough. I can't even tell you the amount of respect I have for my fellow women who fight the good fight with me on a daily basis against an army of toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, and then finally grown children that think they know everything about parenting. Right mom?! XOXO  These kids come with the odds in their favor. They know we love them more than the air that we breathe, they are adorable (except maybe the teenagers), and they are our greatest accomplishments. We don't stand a chance most days so as I always say if you can't beat them then you might as well join them. So that is exactly what I do! We PLAY,  we make MESSES, and we LEARN together about this big beautiful world that we live in. 

Do you breastfeed?

Well let me start with saying I was a nursing Nazi with E. She was breastfed for fourteen months and honestly she lived on my boob the first year of her life because I was so scared she was going to not get enough milk.  Well for any of you that know E. she was far from starving. Please reference picture below of E. at 3 months old! Okay, to say the least I had some misconceptions about what a healthy fed baby looked like. 


I must say that breastfeeding was a wonderful experience! It was by far the hardest thing that I have ever done, including caring twins for almost 8 months, but an amazing experience. 

Now moving onto the twins. I nursed the twins for three months. It was the longest, most frustrating time of my life. They would not latch because they were tongue and lip tied. It was heartbreaking. I was so determined to tandem feed. I wanted desperately to be like the naturalist mom's you see in pictures nursing both babies at once. I kept telling myself I had nursed E. and I could do it again with my sweet twins. When all my efforts continued to fail I was a MESS.

There were soooo many days I would sit and cry because I had been hooked up to the pump every hour of the day and night. I was always just trying to get enough milk for the next feed. We went to lactation appointments, had their tongues and lips clipped, consulted with the pediatrician, and with a wonderful occupational therapist, and finally after three months I gave up.

I cried during the first formula bottle, not because I judged other mothers for giving formula, but because I hated myself for not being able to do what I did for E. for A. and A. Then about a week went past and I showed myself some grace and mercy! Guess what my formula fed babies were doing great! I was able to get my sanity back!!! All was well with the world!!!

So moral of the story is if you are a mom that is struggling give yourself a break! You feed that baby what you need to feed them. Then go out there and be the best version of you possible for them! A fed baby is a happy baby and happy baby equals a happy mama!

Just for fun this is a picture of the twins while they were still in NICU. So tiny! Talk about feeling like a nut that I thought E. was skinny! It's all about perspective my friends. 


How many diapers do you go through?

We go through around TWENTY diapers a day currently. We are working on potty training with E. right now, but for the most part there is still a lot of pooping and peeing going on! 

How is E. adjusting?

She has been amazing! From day one she has taken on the role of big sister with such pride. There is nothing like watching your first baby meet their siblings. We did do a few things to make her transition a little easier and in a future post I will share with you things that seemed to help her transition into her new role, but overall she has been a natural little mama.

Special Thanks 

First I want to say thank you to my wonderful mother, mother in law, and husband for supporting me and loving me enough to allow me little moments to myself to work on my special projects. Also, shout out to my girl Casey Ferkingstad, with Faster Way to Fat Loss, for helping guide me in making the right technical choices and encouraging me to just do it! 

Next, I want to say thank you to all of  you who took time out of your busy life to read a little about our family. I love sharing our journey and connecting with other mothers. My tribe really is the best and I love that it is growing! I look forward to sharing all our adventures with you over the next year! 

All the feelings,