Candy and Roses and Facebook Poses


Looking at Others: Man she has it all together! How does she do it all? Her family is always dressed so perfectly. Does she ever not have makeup on? How did she just have a baby and looks great? How does she get it all done?  

Looking at Ourselves: Why can't I look like that? Where the heck did this skin come from? What is that?! Sweet lord another chin hair! Are my boobs seriously these tiny ski slops? My stomach looks more like a map now than anything else. Is it seriously noon and we are still in our pajamas, leftover breakfast is on the table, and we still need to brush our teeth. Face to palm. 

Here's the deal ladies we all have these thoughts and many of these insecurities are heightened by social media. I am so guilty of being the perfect "poser". My family and close friends even say I have a signature picture pose, hand on hip and leg popped, I swear that it makes you loose five pounds instantly. Laugh out Loud! I make people delete pictures if I look bad or if the kids look out of sorts, I am pretty sure Logan needs to stand on a ladder to get the phone high enough in the air for most selfies we take, and I will let you in a secret 50% of the activities I do with the kids end in some sort of flop in some way that was not how I envisioned things going when I Pinned it on Pinterest. So I would like to take a minute to chat with you all about a few things that have came up in our crazy beautiful life lately. 

Striking that pose while pregnant with E.

Striking that pose while pregnant with E.


Picture Ready and Stretch Marks Steady 

The other day I was standing in the bathroom, of course being watched by my two year old, as I get out of the shower she points at my stomach. She then proceeds to ask me if I have a "boo boo". I sat there and thought for a minute, fourteen thousand sarcastic remarks putting myself down going through my head, and  then said " No baby. Those are mama's love marks". I then told her how I got each stretch mark from her on my hips and from the twins on my belly. I then began to tear up as I realized how unreasonably cruel I had subconsciously been being to myself.  For the first time ever I realized that those stretch marks, need to be viewed as more than stretchy purple skin, but rather as a mosaic, that tells the story of how my body, brought three amazing tiny humans into this world. 

I then asked myself. How would you see E. and A, if they had stretch marks. Would you be disgusted or would you be proud of them and still view them as your perfect gift from God? Of course I would think they were as gorgeous as the day I brought them home!

See yourself as you see your children. Not as a blemished mess, but as a masterpiece that shows the story of God's gifts in your life.  Embrace your individuality that tells your story and love yourself as fiercely and endlessly as you love those sweet babies. You are BEAUTIFUL! 

F.Y.I I may not be blowing up your news feed anytime soon with unattractive pictures of myself or my family, but remind yourself that when you start to compare your everyday life to the reel of pictures flying around that this is not everyones everyday life. Social media is a highlight of all the best moments, leaving the bad ones behind. 

So here are my thoughts for myself personally.

1) Live the healthiest lifestyle I can.

2) Leave behind the things I cannot change.

3) Love myself as Christ loves me. 

4) Celebrate each others success that are flying around on social media rather than comparing them to my short comings. 

Pintrest Perfect 

Recently I have started at home preschool with E. and everyday we go on a spectacular adventures that rival with the excitement of riding the "Magic School Bus" with Ms. Frizzle. We make crafts, we do cooking projects, and we go on perfect field trips where every toddler and baby laughs and giggles until they fall peacefully asleep. Insert long pause. Insert me laughing hysterically. NO!!! We do have many AMAZING moments where we learn, explore, get dirty, and play, but we also throughout the day have many not so glorious moments. 

Here's one for you! Many of you may have saw, what I think to be, adorable pictures of our "Princess Tea Party" on Facebook, without my tag line, you may have thought wow, Laura and those three are at it again making memories, learning through play, and loving life. Here is what you couldn't see really going on. Let me list out the things that went, we won't say wrong, but NOT as planned. 

1) A. ate more grass than he did muffin.

2) A. number two choked on grass and screamed the entire time trying to get her tutu off that her big sister insisted, in tears, that she must wear to match her. 

3) I forgot the tea inside and found it in the microwave the next day! 

My point folks is not that I am an incompetent mother or teacher. We all know that isn't true! (Agin more laughing) My point is to be kind to yourself on the days your hair is a mess and your dreamy activity goes wrong, Guess What? Are you ready for this? That mom that you are constantly comparing your mama skills too, just failed too, but you just didn't see it! So celebrate the victories and laugh at the flops because we are all just hustling to be the best mom we can. 

Here are some pictures of our AMAZING tea party!

Pretty cute right? You can't see how made she actually was at the tutu or hear her big sister saying "NO any please wear it." In a teary eyed voice. 

Pretty cute right? You can't see how made she actually was at the tutu or hear her big sister saying "NO any please wear it." In a teary eyed voice. 

Yummy grass!

Yummy grass!

Love yourself, love your babes, and remember ladies, pictures are not always what they seem! You are crushing life and motherhood more than you will ever know.

All the feelings,