The "Labor" of Love

My hearts. Love their twin baby dolls that E. laid with them while they were sleeping.

My hearts. Love their twin baby dolls that E. laid with them while they were sleeping.

Recently we have been under the weather at our house. We first had a 10 day cold that resulted in one trip to the doctor no meds. Then the next week the stomach flu hit us. When I say hit us I mean like a Mac truck. Everyone, child and adult in our family and extended family that has came into contact with my kids ,has been well ,to put it mildly or not so mildly, pooping and puking for the last 6 days. 

On day four of cleaning up poop and puke I may have had a lock yourself in the bathroom, attack anyone that comes in your sight, don't tell me I am going the "miss this" , tantrum. Unfortunately, my mom got the brunt of this. 


During our heated and then not so heated discussion about parenting. I told her that if one more person says "you are going to miss this" I might just tell them where to go. She laughed and said "but you will". I rolled my tear streaked eyes at her and said " miss being sh** on, puked on, constant crying, literally no more than 3 hours a night sleep, and then after I blurted this all out she began to laugh and so did I. She said "No!" No one misses days like that and frankly they don't remember a lot of those days.

 She then began to compare moments like these to labor pains. This helped me so much to finally put into perspective how I will feel one day looking back. I already have forgotten a lot of my labor pains from just a short time ago, but what I will never forget is holding each of by beautiful babies for the first time and hearing their first cry.  That is forever engrained in my mind.

We vaguely remember, like the pains of labor, the painful stages in parenting.  Yet we cherish and hold on to the beautiful moments of rocking our babies, first steps, first smiles, the sound of "mama" coming from their room in the middle of the night is like a favorite record that has been lost, once our kids reach a certain age. 

So instead of feeling frustration towards the next person who says " You are going to miss this." I am going to agree with them because one day all the firsts will be gone and I will start trying to remember all the lasts. 

The last time I brushed their teeth.

The last time I gave them their bath. 

The last time I tucked them in and read them their favorite story. 

The last time I hear "mama" coming from the next room.

The last time they truly need me.

So for now. I am going to try to hold them a little tighter, rock them a little longer and appreciate all the "labor" pains of parenthood. One day I will realize all you older and wiser parents might just be right. I AM going to miss this. 

All the feelings,